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Birth Control Is Poison - Naturally Regulate Your Period

Detox From The Pill, Come Back to Your Cycle 


Birth control is poison, and everyone knows. 

Yet unempowered women continue to bow down to the allopathic system of control; mom's encourage their daughters to get the pill to 'help their acne', young women are 'annoyed of their cycle' so they try to dodge it using the pill, couples live in fear so they think it would be best for them so they don't 'need to worry'. 

Detoxing from birth control starts with facing your fears head on.

Scared of getting pregnant? Begin tracking your cycle, learning when your ovulation is, tune into your body, and make wise choices for when you allow your partner to finish inside of you. 

Scared of your daughter getting pregnant? Educate yourself, and her. There is zero excuse to put a young woman on this pill, none. If you are afraid of her getting pregnant, that is because you do not understand how fertility works and have not been able to fully explain it to your daughter. 

Scared of acne? Acne is a symptom. It is not bacteria, you can not 'wash it away'. I suggest checking out the German New Medicine perspective of acne

The body makes no mistakes. Do not fear the miracle of your bodies systems, there are working perfectly. Interfering with the systems has more consequences than benefits.

We are here to support the wild INTELLIGENT women who appreciate their cycle, who want to be more in tune with their bodies, and who are ready to step away from the medical disempowering tyranny.  

Moon Magic Herbal Suggestion 

Our Moon Magic blend was specifically designed to support women's reproductive systems; we want to see women with high libidos, nourished adrenal glands, balanced hormones. 

The perfectly proportioned blend of nettle, pearl, royal jelly, dong quai, schizandra, white peony root and licorice root will take on stagnation in the body and get the fluids flowing as they should be.

This is the perfect blend for getting off of birth control; me and many other women can testify to that. 


Check out the moon magic herbal blend here. 

"Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish the source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayal, it dies of illness and wounds, it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishing" - Anais Nin. 

Nourish the source of your life force energy. Do not take a blind eye to the destruction of this chemical concoction. Let us support you on this journey to harmony. 

Stay wild friends,


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