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About Us

Hi, I'm Justine.

My journey into natural medicine started because I felt lost, unheard and unempowered by allopathic Western medicine. I was struggling with my health and was not getting my period after ending my relationship with birth control. After years on birth control I had no sex drive, my digestion was not functioning, I had anxiety, low thyroid and wasn't sleeping. I was 27 and I looked "fine." I was not getting the help I needed despite seeing a specialist plus general doctors and they were set on me taking more pharmaceutical drugs to mask the symptoms or lack thereof. I had multiple gynecologists tell me I was lucky that my period had stopped.

I realized then that we live in a world that wants us disconnected from our body and as unempowered as possible. A large part of Western Medicine is taking drugs for an ailment that then makes you sicker. From what I have seen, this especially seems to be the experience of women. Anytime I went to the gyno I literally have to shout "no I'm not interested in the pill or the Gardasil shot!" Luckily, I had yoga. Yoga and the yoga community opened the door to ancient technologies and natural medicine. By way of many synchronicities, I ended up interning for both a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I had just quit my Elementary School teaching job, that I had fought so hard to get, because my health and vitality had become so low. I was 27 and as I started to learn and also receive treatment, the biggest thing I noticed was that these non-Western practitioners cared about my internal world as much as they cared about my external symptoms. Self-inquiry was required as part of the process. They asked things like, "was I supported? was sex with fulfilling? what's the tone of my internal voice with myself?" I had never been asked these questions related to my health nor had been taught to ask myself these questions.

 As within so without.

 Our internal world will eventually make itself known in the physical. I started to notice the patterns and quickly realized I was not alone in my ailments. So many other women were struggling with remarkably similar symptoms to my own! During this time in my life I was a Vegan eating very little fat. I cared much more about how I looked on the outside then how I felt on the inside. Transformative breathwork, a personal Tantra practice and ecstatic dance began to shift the way I felt about my body. I was slowly able to start changing the way I ate and make caring for my body a priority. I left an 8-year relationship and began to nourish myself in every way emotionally and physically. Throughout this process my friends and allies were herbs. They were a huge factor in helping me get my cycle back, along with eating fat and starting to eat meat again. My sex drive came back. I started looking younger than I had in years, my energy and vitality came back as well. I began teaching yoga and working with herbs full time. As I began to slowly build this new life of nourishment I realized more and more that this information needs to be shared.

 So many women live in anemic life.

 Anemic not just in the sense of the physical, although so many of us are actually anemic, but anemic in the juiciest parts of life. We deny ourselves in so many ways and it shows up internally and physically. Most women suffer from adrenal fatigue at some point in their lives, but healing is possible.

I had been working mostly with herbs (the East) from other places in the world and realized I didn't know herbs in my own backyard. I synchronistically discovered a great Western herbalism and nutrition program in my hometown, Santa barbara. I also discovered around  that same time the ancient technology of Yoni steaming. I became a certified Yoni steaming herbalist and practitioner. Since then I have been helping women balance their hormones and endocrine system while continuing to learn as much as possible. Nothing has ever excited or fulfilled me more than doing this work.

My hope is that you too can feel at home in your body, empowered in your health and educated in your decisions around your body.

Justine Perizzo of Moon Magic Herbs