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A Return To Ritual: Moon Magic Herbs Woman's Empowerment and Self Care  Workshop  

In Chinese medicine, Winter is associated with the kidney and bladder meridian, this is the most Yin season and the most Yin Meridian. Yin is the slow, the gentle, the feminine. Chinese medicine practices are helpful guides on how to best care for your physical, emotional and spiritual being attuned to the seasonal cycles.


In this woman's empowerment immersion, we will have an hour of movement with chi gong and yoga speficially for the kidneys to release fear (the lowest quality of the kidneys) and move toward wisdom (the highest quality of the kidneys). 

Breath Work

Justine will then gently guide you over the course of an hour in a holotropic breathing technique. This breath releases stress from the body and increases your energy level for the purpose of experiencing more ease and pleasure in your life. This process allows you to release stored emotions, detoxify and alkalize the body.


The remaining time will be spent on an herbalism (Western and Chinese) lecture about specific herbs to best support the kidneys, relax, sleep better, aphrodisiacs, and hormonal support. We will be making teas and tonics and working hands on with these plant medicines.
You will be able to take home the knowledge and products to use these herbal allies in your day to day life.

Moon Magic Herbs Woman's Empowerment Immersion Flyer

Date: January 25th

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Price: $111

Place: Santa Barbara, California

Email to sign up. 


Santa Barbara, California Woman's Empowerment and Herbalism Immersion.