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"There is so much information out there that learning about what I needed felt daunting. Justine (Moon Magic's founder) was patient and supportive as she recommended herbs as well as a wealth of other healing information..

After attending one of Justine's workshops I felt empowered and inspired to look at my female cycle in a new light. With the information from her class as well as one on one’s I was able to educate myself on my unique needs around my female health. There is so much information out there that learning about what I needed felt daunting, Justine was patient and supportive as she recommended herbs as well as a wealth of other healing information. She introduced me to v-steaming and her hand made v-steam boxes are incredibly beautiful and well built. I am forever grateful to Justine, with her supportive and open sessions I feel like I’ve embarked an a new and exciting journey to know my feminine.  
Instead of being afraid of my cycle I’m excited for it!"
- Lora A.

"Before meeting Justine (the owner of Moon Magic Herbs), I thought it was normal for women to not have as strong of a sex drive as men, I thought bloating was normal and I was overwhelmed with how many businesses try to push their products that supposedly 'help stress and anxiety'.

The moon magic herbal latte blend helped me with my confidence, sex drive and skin. I feel empowered to step away from the destructive western medicine system and take life into my own hands"

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"Justine (Moon Magic owner) pleasantly surprised me..." 
Justine is a wealth of knowledge! I first heard her speak at a webinar about gut health and reproductive health and the webinar wasn’t even over before I scheduled an appointment with her! I thought I knew what I needed to do to be healthy but Justine pleasantly surprised me when she taught me SO many things that I didn’t know. She’s motivated me to have a better lifestyle for myself and it has then inspired my family to do the same. She encouraged me to be adventurous and I’ve tried so many things I never thought I’d try! I now go to local farmers markets and purchase meats from regenerative farms. I also enjoy cooking and knowing exactly where my food is coming from. I have battled eczema ever since I had my son and my eczema is HEALING from the way I have started to eat. I also drink her herbal blends: diamond mind and belly balm every single day! If you are feeling stagnant and ready to take your health into your own hands, Justine is the right place to start! You won’t regret it!
- Jordan 23 mom

Product Testimonials:

"When I found out Justine from Moon Magic was hand making Vsteam boxes with zero chemicals, I was sold...

I've had the pleasure to drink Moon Magic's Herbal Latte, smoke their magical herbal + CBD smokes and own a Vsteam box. When I found out Justine from Moon Magic was hand making Vsteam boxes with zero chemicals, I was sold. They are at an amazing price point and are the perfect size for a smaller living space. Justine's knowledge of herbs was also extremely insightful especially since I am not familiar with herbs that help the conditions I face and there are some common herbs I am intolerant to. She understood the properties of the herbs and took my needs into account. The Women's Herbal Latte is absolutely wonderful and easy to drink as the herbs are already ground up. It feels supportive and feminine when drinking it. I especially like adding a few rose buds in it and using almond or oat milk. Lastly, the smokes are just divine. They are pre-rolled and I can feel the benefits in just a few puffs. Moon Magic is amazing and I'm so excited to see this company grow and serve a plethora of people on the herbal path." 
- Chelsea W., graphic designer/illustrator
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" I am so grateful for Justine...
I started using Moon Magic after a really serious hormone imbalance and after a few weeks of use my moods, my skin, my overall health and vitality and improved and over a few months my cycles became regular again, I am so grateful for Justine and her incredible, intuitive herbal blends, moon magic is now a necessary part of my daily routine.” 
- Jacqueline, Owner of a Vmagic feminine skincare 
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"Magic Moon's Tea Latte has helped my face glow...

Postpartum and breast feeding hormonal fluctuations can be draining. Justine's blend helps me feel centered and regulated. The pearly face glow is a nice bonus for tired mamas too." 
- Jen, mom of 2 and an entrepreneur 
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"It made an incredible difference in our lives..."
Several months ago, my partner and I switched from coffee to Diamond Mind as our morning beverage, and holy smokes has it made an incredible difference in our lives! 
Some results were immediate… mental clarity and a nourishing kind of energy that kept us focused throughout the day without jitters or a crash. I noticed I was just more productive with my energy… less brain fog!
A few months of taking this stuff and I’m loving it more than ever. I realize now what a huge difference it makes to nourish my adrenals rather than deplete them. Beyond my balanced energy levels I’m really noticing huge differences in my skin, which is clearer, plumper and more even-toned. 
Thank you Moon Magic! Please don’t ever stop making this magical elixir!!!! 
-Daron and Brendan