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DOPAMINE: Pleasure, Reward, Motivation, Drive

Dopamine is a type of Neurotransmitter, aka Chemical Messengers, sent to dictate many things within our bodies, but in particular how we feel and experienced pleasure. It is also known as the reward hormone also being a direct link to how we find motivation and desire. Low levels of dopamine can mean fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, lack of desire, low sex drive and low moods.

Foods that contain dopamine that are rich in fat are avocados and olive oil or rich in omega-3s is like salmon and pumpkin seeds. Lean proteins such as grass fed meat and free range chicken, berries and apples and not surprisingly cacao also contain dopamine.

But the richest source of dopamine 10% by weight is Mucuna Purien, also known as the velvet bean. Ginseng and nettles also contain a fair amount.

Mucuna Purien has these scientifically verified properties:

  • a nootropic helping with cognition
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • dopamine booster
  • Helps with ADHD
  • boosts libido and helps with male fertility
  • regulates hormones

On a more metaphysical level, it targets the pituitary pineal gland, which regulates Consciousness in the body and controls how we perceive life. Mucuna has a similar chemical makeup to Ayahuasca and Peyote on a very small scale because it contains a small amount of DMT.

The best piece of knowledge I have for you concerning Mucuna Puriens is that it is one of the ingredients in my Organic Tea Latte Blend: DIAMOND MIND. This herbal latte blend may help support:

  • Uplifted mind & emotions during times of stress
  • Increased energy, stamina & vitality
  • Mitochondrail function & health
  • Beautiful skin
  • Cognitive function
  • Longevity
  • Dopamine boost

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  • Jan

    Hi Justene,
    You were my yoga teacher at SBAC years ago. We reconnected at farmers market, at the mushroom stand a few months ago. I am currently in Sweden on vacation/family obligations, but will be back in SB mid September. I have a question about possible treatment for depression. Can we meet then or communicate now?


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