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The Benefits Of Yoni Steaming

Did you know that our vaginas are systemic, meaning that everything the vagina absorbs will be processed through our whole body? Did you also know that women have brain cells both in their brains and hearts, but guess where we also have brain cells? That’s right, our vagina. 
Vaginas are intelligent and delicate beings, yet are often neglected in our self care regimen and are only thought of during a time of reaction... reacting to our period, reacting to a yeast infection, reacting to painful cramps or even a UTI. Although going to the gynecologist is an important part of taking care of ourselves, often times birth control, continued medication, invasive procedures or even hysterectomies are suggested, but these methods are often not the root of the problem. They sure don't help us get to know our bodies or the rhythms of our bodies butter, furthering the disconnection. What the gynecologist often neglects to include are the home remedies for yeast infections, the natural remedies for painful cramps or natural relief for cyst fibroids. This is where yoni steaming comes in. 
At Home Yoni Steam Seat

What is Yoni Steaming / Vaginal Steaming?

Yoni steaming, otherwise known as v steaming, is a natural remedy that utilizes the powers of herbs to cleanse the vagina and uterus. Steaming herbs in a pot of boiling water then placing it under a yoni steam seat is another way of taking medicine, bringing it to the source that needs it the most. V steaming is one of the greatest forms of self-love and reconnecting to your womanly feminine intuition. There are a few ways you can go about v steaming: one way is paying a hefty amount of money to go to a spa and get a treatment, or you can v steam regularly in the convenience of your own home after having a phone consultation with a yoni steaming expert with herbs catered to your own unique needs.
Every culture in the world has its own v steaming practice; this ancient wisdom originated by medicine women in African, Asian and Mayan cultures, but it is likely that our mothers and possibly even most likely our grandmothers didn’t have this knowledge yet. The benefits of yoni steaming is what is making it popular in the West now, and if done properly, you can experience the benefits as well. 

Benefits of Yoni Steaming / Yoni Steam Herbs 

V steaming can address painful cramps, cyst fibroids, yeast infections, UTIs, fertility stagnation like brown blood and hormonal balance as well as cycle time regulation or no period at all. Women are often surprised to hear that brown blood is old blood, we want to be bleeding fresh red blood throughout our entire moon. Did you know your cycle should be about 28 days long give or take a few days? The length of your cycle can tell you a lot about your hormone levels and what's going on in your body. Beautiful outcomes such as a regulated period, the ending of your bacterial fungal / viral infections and even more enjoyable sexual relations can come from yoni steaming. V steaming connects women to their sacred space and strengthens feminine intuition. 
There are many herbs that specifically correspond to our uterus: nettle, red raspberry leaf and red clover all are rich in iron and the nutrients that our uterus crave. Emmenagogues are herbs that help you bleed if you have amenorrhea(no period) and move through stagnation, examples of these herbs are lemon balm, mugwort and dong Quai. Herbs that help with bacterial fungal and viral infections are rosemary, white sage, corn silk, astragalus and lavender. These can help with all sorts of things from discharge to STDs and can even help balance your hormones or lengthen or shorten your cycle. 
Yoni Steam Seat

V Steam At Home 

The first step is to have a personal yoni steam seat at home and learn the dos and don’ts on how to safely use it. Some websites say that you can use your toilet seat to do the steaming, but that is HIGHLY not suggested. An equally important step is making an herb blend… choosing the right herbs is an art and one of the most important steps. You will only receive the full benefits of v steaming if you are an expert in v steam herbs or if you consult with an expert first to figure out which yoni steam blend would benefit you the most.
As an herbalist I subscribe to planetary herbology, which means I use herbs from all over the world. I mostly focus on Western herbs and Chinese herbs I’ve spent years studying this ancient healing practice and would love to share more knowledge with you. 
I make custom herb blends, give a plan to support your health and hormones throughout your entire cycle through suggesting nutrition, valendaring, and supplements. You will learn the proper usage of v steaming and I handcraft make personal, clean and affordable yoni steam boxes that are made out of beautiful aromatic cedar are made without glues or chemical finishes. If you would like to book a 30 or 60 minute phone consultation, click here. 

Thanks for reading and happy v steaming ♥

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  • Réka Komáromi

    Greetings Justine, I am also a vsteam practitioner in Berlin and have started to make herbal blends and give session where I also give a meditation and afterwards some Reiki. I would really like to connect with you and am curious how much your consultations cost and if you do the over skype or zoom as well?

    I look forward to hearing from you

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