Try Diamond Mind Herbal Latte Blend, an Adaptogenic, Nootropic, Longevity Blend

Herbal consultations to heal, support and add nourishment to your life. From herbal blends to Yoni Steaming blends, I can help you.

Nutrition & Herbal Consultations

Custom Nutrition, Lifestyle & Herbal Consultation

For over 10 years, I have studied ancient nutritional medicine, herbs and lifestyles.

I've addressed and solved many, many personal critical health issues such as amenorrhea and hypothyroidism through a combination of ancestral medicine with cutting edge new science which is where my passion sprouted from. 

I want you to be a free sovereign person, reroot into the wisdom of your body, and clean your genes! 

During this consultation, we will get a holistic view of what you and your body needs. It usually takes me about an hour of conversation to get to the roots of the issues, then I will offer certain practices, nutrition paths and herbs depending on your situation. 

I would be honored to help you. 




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