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Is Salt Good For You? How Salt Relates To Woman's Health

The History Of The Salt Conversation

Salt - the elusive mineral that has been in many debates over the years. In this article, we will go over some historical facts to help guide you towards understanding how to use salt in your diet. 

Our ancestors (even up to about a hundred years ago) ate three times as much as salt as we do now. 

Salt became a question of 'yay or nay' when people began having major health issues from consuming salt. BUT, as many know, majority of the salt that you buy from the store is NOT the salt that our ancestors were eating. Natural salt was transformed to table salt through industrial processes. "Grocery store salt is different from salt from natural sources. It has been heated—up to 1200° F! And refined to remove most of the natural elements." -SoWell 

A study done decades ago that is still cited today (🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️) about salt and high blood pressure, is not what you think. Only 10% of participants saw a negative change in their blood pressure with a high-salt diet about 80% were completely unaffected and another 10% actually had their blood pressure improve with a higher salt diet.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Benefits Of Natural Salt

Salt keeps the body in balance

Salt\sodium is essential to balance the body's levels of magnesium and potassium. The 3 work in tangent with each other to keep our body functioning and our muscles happy. Low levels of salt can pull down our levels of magnesium and potassium.

Salt helps build immunity

Salt is necessary to form hydrochloric acid in the stomach which is what kills pathogens and parasites. Studies have shown that low salt diets cause people to be more susceptible to parasitic infections. In addition to killing pathogens, our immune cells use chloride(salt) to form taurine chloramine which protects against inflammatory cytokine storms. Low salt diets have been linked to low immunity.

Salt actually does help with stress!

If you are stressed or having adrenal fatigue, salt your food. Low salt diets are stressful to the adrenals and salt will actually help nourish the adrenals and with sleep and insomnia.

And So Much More!

If you're still interested, I highly recommend checking out Dr. James Nicolantonio's book The Salt Fix

What Salt Should I Consume?

As stated earlier, not all salt is created equally. Table salt/iodized salt is refined and processed. Just like with food, we want to avoid what is processed.

Buy Unrefined Salt

Go for unrefined salt! That is where all the good stuff is! Pink Himalayan salt and Celtic Sea salt are great options. If you're looking for iodine go for some good quality seaweed!
Our bodies are 70% water but it's salty water, we are basically like little oceans🌊 We need the salt to have the charge for our cells to function properly.

Get More Support

This is all a lot of information, and I know that it is very overwhelming trying to juggle all these nutrition facts because of all the information floating around the internet. 

If you're at a place in life where you would like some support in feeling good in your body, I would love to help. Schedule a consultation with me and let's get you feeling your best! 

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