Try Diamond Mind Herbal Latte Blend, an Adaptogenic, Nootropic, Longevity Blend

Moon Magic Women's Herbal Latte to support all moon cycles and the hormonal fluctuations.
Our Organic Women's Herbal Latte Blend can help relieve PMS symptoms and help your skin glow during your cycle.
Moon Magic Herbal Latte Blend made with a choice of milk, a fat and a sweetener for optimal taste.
Moon Magic Herbal Latte Blend hand mixed but also mixes well in a blender.

Moon Magic Herbs

Moon Magic Women's Herbal Tea Blend

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An ancient Chinese medicine herb remedies blend. All natural skin beauty blend. Natural uterus nourishment. Natural aphrodisiac. Natural circulatory tonic. Natural stress reliever. 

The Moon Magic Herbal Latte blend is designed to support you throughout your entire moon cycle. This tea blend is crafted mostly with Chinese herbs which are most effective in small amounts over a lifetime. The herbs that this blend consists of are nettle, pearl, royal jelly, dong Quai and schisandra. 


Add 1/2 teaspoon of Moon Magic Herbal Latte blend to 8 oz of warm water DAILY. Option to add some coconut milk and a natural sweetener. 

Recipe Option: 

1/2 teaspoon moon magic

Dash of cinnamon

Teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil

Sweeten to taste with monk fruit, stevia, coconut sugar, etc

8 oz. Hot water

Blend til frothy

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