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Moon Magic Herbal Latte

Natural Herb Healing Blend 

Health and wellness has been the main focus for the majority of my life. I have talked to over a hundred women about their needs and after prescribing the same herbs over and over again, I decided to make the Moon Magic Herbal Latte. 
The Moon Magic Herbal Latte blend is designed to support you throughout your entire moon cycle. This tea blend is crafted mostly with Chinese herbs which are most effective in small amounts over a lifetime. The herbs that this blend consists of are nettle, pearl, royal jelly, dong Quai and schizandra. 

Moon Magic Herbal Latte Blend


This nourishing, immunity boosting, aphrodisiac herb is rich in iron and B vitamins. This plant directly corresponds to our uterus by regulating and restoring the natural balances. Nettle also re-introduces minerals which is especially beneficial for coffee drinkers.


Yes, this is the same strong, shiny, beautiful pearl that you find in the ocean, but this is the clean powder form. Pearl can be crushed into a supplement and is the most loved Chinese medicine for beauty. Pearl shen helps with fine lines and wrinkles to help skin glow; it also acts as a natural SPF from the inside out. You will not see this ingredient is most herbal blends because it is extremely expensive. 

Royal Jelly

The benefits of royal jelly sometimes seem endless. This magical powder boosts immunity while also aiding in wound healing and skin repair. Royal jelly is known to plump up the skin and serves as a natural sex driver. You will also not see this ingredient is most herbal blends because it is extremely expensive. 

Dong Quai

Majority of women have circulatory issues but don’t know it. Dong Quai helps with circulation, bringing blood flow to the whole body. This also is a natural remedy to painful cramps during your moon cycle. 


Last but not least, schizandra nourishes the adrenal glands which greatly affect our hormones. This wonderful herb is also good for coffee drinkers by remineralizing. Schizandra promotes beautiful skin and sexual desire.

UPDATE: To harmonize the moon magic blend I have added two new ingredients 🌙

White Peony Root

White peony root helps with balancing hormones (irregular periods and PMs) as well as treating hormonal acne.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is one of the lesser-known adaptogens (just like Municipal mushrooms) it's known as a "servant" herb and helps strengthen the other herbs in a blend.

The coolest part is that when these two herbs are combined they act as a powerful antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory. This herbal action shows up not only in your muscles but in your gut and in your skin as well!

Moon Magic Herbal Latte Blend 

The Ultimate Blend

The proper measurements and combinations of these herbs create a super herb blend for women. The main benefits that you will receive from regularly consuming these are easing wear and wrinkles on skin, leaving it to look plump and shiny. This blend is a natural aphrodisiac, uterus nourishing, circulatory tonic that will nourish the uterus where it needs it.

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