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Dong Quai - Increase Your Circulation Naturally

Dong Quai holds a special place in my heart❤
It was the first herb that really helped me start to get my cycle back and to treat my amenorrhea (no period) and anemia. The wonderful thing about this herb is its effects are quick and tangible. 
dong quai

Benefits Of Dong Quai

Increased Circulation Throughout The Body. Natural Aphrodisiac

Dong Quai is a circulatory herb so if you have cold hands and cold feet, as many women do, you'll start to notice a difference right away. Having cold hands and cold feet can also translate to stagnation/lack of circulation in the uterus.
Dong quai helps improve your vascular and heart health. Blood flowing well also creates an aphrodisiac effect 😘 for men and women.

Boosts Vitality And Helps Regulate Menstrual Cycles

Dong quai is sometimes called “female ginseng” and has been used for more than 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic for those with low vitality, frailty, fatigue, pelvic pain and irregular menstrual cycles. 
In traditional Chinese medicine dong quai is most commonly used for anemia, menopause, painful periods recommended to reinforce the ‘qi’ (vital energy) and ‘nourish blood’ (improve body circulation) One of the most common reactions that I get from clients or have personally had myself is,  moon blood is much more red! Brown blood equals stagnation. Bright red blood is a sign of health and good circulation❤
This root  helps to regulate female hormones and prevent symptoms of PMS. Dong quai has been shown to balance  levels of estrogen, which in return alleviates common symptoms of estrogen imbalance... estrogen imbalance is something that most us struggle with.

My Recommendations

When taking a circulatory herb in combination with other herbs, it helps all the other herbs in the formulation work more effectively. It's one of my personal favorites and most common herbs I recommend to clients and is also a key ingredient in Moon Magic  Women's Herbal Blend.

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