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Dong Quai - Increase Your Circulation Naturally

Dong Quai holds a special place in my heart It was the first herb that really helped me start to get my cycle back and to treat my amenorrhea (no period) and anemia. The wonderful thing about this herb is its effects are quick and tangible.  Benefits Of Dong Quai Increased Circulation Throughout The Body. Natural Aphrodisiac Dong Quai is a circulatory herb so if you have cold hands and cold feet, as many women do, you'll start to notice a difference right away. Having cold hands and cold feet can also translate to stagnation/lack of circulation in the uterus. Dong quai helps improve your vascular and heart health. Blood flowing well also creates an aphrodisiac effect  for men and women....

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Moon Magic Herbal Latte

Natural Herb Healing Blend  Health and wellness has been the main focus for the majority of my life. I have talked to over a hundred women about their needs and after prescribing the same herbs over and over again, I decided to make the Moon Magic Herbal Latte.  The Moon Magic Herbal Latte blend is designed to support you throughout your entire moon cycle. This tea blend is crafted mostly with Chinese herbs which are most effective in small amounts over a lifetime. The herbs that this blend consists of are nettle, pearl, royal jelly, dong Quai and schizandra.  Nettle This nourishing, immunity boosting, aphrodisiac herb is rich in iron and B vitamins. This plant directly corresponds to our uterus by...

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