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Simple Nutrition Tip: What Water Should I Drink?

Your body is almost 70 percent water. You have water in every single cell of your body, and more and more research suggests that the type of water you take in has a profound impact on your health. 

The Four Phases Of Water

It’s not just the quality or quantity of water that matters, though. It’s also the water’s structure. Up until recently, chemists and physicists have thought that water has three phases: solid, liquid, and vapor (steam). In the last few years, though, it’s become clear that there’s a fourth phase of water.... structured water. This is why I drink Spring water/structured water.  Its literally a gift from the earth. It’s like a charged battery — it’s carrying valuable vibrational energy and is ready to deliver it. The more structured water you have in your body, the more energy you store up and can send to cells that need it. This is obviously very different than what's coming out of the tap.
Spring water

The Benefits of Spring And Structured Water

Structured water delivers power to your mitochondria so your cells have more energy. It also fights aging and stress and helps your body recover faster.
And although spring water is the best option you can actually restructure eater by blending it for 30 seconds! Your body also can make structured water( because again we're 70% water) by being in the sunlight especially if you're naked! Or it also makes it when in an infrared sauna( it happens in your cells)
In addition, drinking spring water has a huge impact on gut health. Often times it can almost be as important as what we eat.
RO water or other filtered water is often stripped of the minerals that we so desperately need. Minerals that we are often not getting in our food because of soil depletion. So if you're struggling with gut health, spring water can be a missing piece. 

My Water Ritual

We go at least once a month to our nearest spring about 45 minutes away to fill many many many gallons of water. I encourage you to find a spring near you or if there isn't one looking into a spring water delivery service. As always nature has the medicine that we need.
Also as a tea ( and sometimes coffee😬 ) lover, I can't tell you how much better the flavor is when you use spring water.

Get More Support 

This is all a lot of information, and I know that it is very overwhelming trying to juggle all these nutrition facts because of all the information floating around the internet. 

If you're at a place in life where you would like some support in feeling good in your body, I would love to help. Schedule a consultation with me and let's get you feeling your best! 

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