Try Diamond Mind Herbal Latte Blend, an Adaptogenic, Nootropic, Longevity Blend

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DIAMOND MIND: An Adaptogenic, Nootropic, Longevity Tea Latte Blend

Diamond mind is the perfect adaptogenic blend to uplift your morning routine. This mixture of tonic nootropic herbs was formulated to help you feel your absolute best, mind, body and spirit. It contains herbs for endurance, cognitive function and longevity, no coffee or caffeine needed here! It also supports finding balance by offering a calm mind and spirit and by supporting adrenal rejuvenation to ease a stressed system. Adding Diamond Mind into your daily routine brings glowing beautiful skin, a clear mind and a shining spirit.

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What Are Adaptogens And Why Do Our Bodies Love Them

Adaptogens to the rescue Adaptogens support the bodies ability to accommodate varying physical and emotional stresses. They are considered "regulators" and support the stress response system without disturbing normal biological function. They also regulate hormone production. Adadtogens are also known for supporting adrenal function and revitalization. My favorite adapotgens that have been getting me through these stressful times but times where we NEED the ENERGY to SHOW UP are: Rhodiola, Ashitaba, Siberian ginseng (eleuthero) and licorice root. I have them every morning instead of having coffee, which can tax the adrenals causing further stress. It's time to revitalize!  You can find all of these adaptogens in the herbal tonic blend Diamond Mind. 

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