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Birth Control Is Poison - Naturally Regulate Your Period

Detox From The Pill, Come Back to Your Cycle    Birth control is poison, and everyone knows.  Yet unempowered women continue to bow down to the allopathic system of control; mom's encourage their daughters to get the pill to 'help their acne', young women are 'annoyed of their cycle' so they try to dodge it using the pill, couples live in fear so they think it would be best for them so they don't 'need to worry'.  Detoxing from birth control starts with facing your fears head on. Scared of getting pregnant? Begin tracking your cycle, learning when your ovulation is, tune into your body, and make wise choices for when you allow your partner to finish inside of you.  Scared...

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Become The Queen Bee With Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a nutrient-dense mixture of protein. All larvae eat it in small amounts, but one chosen larva is fed nothing but royal jelly its whole life. That larva is the one that turns into the queen An average worker lives for a few months, but a queen lives for 3-5 years, producing over 2,000 eggs every day, and up to 1,000,000 in its lifetime. Talk about upgraded performance. (No, it probably won’t quadruple your lifespan too, unless you’re a bee…).  What Makes Royal Jelly... Royal!  Packed With Natural Nutrients Royal jelly has a lot more nutrients than regular honey, and contains B vitamins, folate, biotin, inositol, pantothenic acid, acetylcholine, collagen (making it an excellent addition to your skincare routine),...

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Dong Quai - Increase Your Circulation Naturally

Dong Quai holds a special place in my heart It was the first herb that really helped me start to get my cycle back and to treat my amenorrhea (no period) and anemia. The wonderful thing about this herb is its effects are quick and tangible.  Benefits Of Dong Quai Increased Circulation Throughout The Body. Natural Aphrodisiac Dong Quai is a circulatory herb so if you have cold hands and cold feet, as many women do, you'll start to notice a difference right away. Having cold hands and cold feet can also translate to stagnation/lack of circulation in the uterus. Dong quai helps improve your vascular and heart health. Blood flowing well also creates an aphrodisiac effect  for men and women....

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Simple Nutrition Tip: What Water Should I Drink?

Your body is almost 70 percent water. You have water in every single cell of your body, and more and more research suggests that the type of water you take in has a profound impact on your health.  The Four Phases Of Water It’s not just the quality or quantity of water that matters, though. It’s also the water’s structure. Up until recently, chemists and physicists have thought that water has three phases: solid, liquid, and vapor (steam). In the last few years, though, it’s become clear that there’s a fourth phase of water.... structured water. This is why I drink Spring water/structured water.  Its literally a gift from the earth. It’s like a charged battery — it’s carrying valuable...

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Is Salt Good For You? How Salt Relates To Woman's Health

The History Of The Salt Conversation Salt - the elusive mineral that has been in many debates over the years. In this article, we will go over some historical facts to help guide you towards understanding how to use salt in your diet.  Our ancestors (even up to about a hundred years ago) ate three times as much as salt as we do now.  Salt became a question of 'yay or nay' when people began having major health issues from consuming salt. BUT, as many know, majority of the salt that you buy from the store is NOT the salt that our ancestors were eating. Natural salt was transformed to table salt through industrial processes. "Grocery store salt is different from salt...

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